The French Film Festival begins this week in London

Affiche du French Film Festival
By Lily Ariadne | 11/01/2021 at 2:32 pm | Updated 11/01/2021 at 2:45 pm

The French Film Festival kicks off this Wednesday, November 3rd in the UK for its 29th edition. Many French cinemas across the country celebrate the 7th art of France until December 15th. See you in the dining room!

Short films, animated films, classic and latest releases, will be something for everyone in the coming weeks. The only French film festival in the UK will be screened in France on Wednesday at the Ciné Lumiere in London, by Bruno Dumont, with the latest James Bond girl Léa Seydoux.

The thing that makes moviegoers happy!

The Covid-19 theaters caused the audience a sense of resentment, but the French Film Festival gives you the opportunity to make up for lost time. Did you miss the incredible animated film Joseph last winter? Don’t have time to watch Part 3 of OSS 117? Want to see Costa-Gavras back on the big screen? Did you know that Didier Eribon’s book “Retour à Reims” was turned into a movie? You can learn all of these! Attracting the attention of about thirty films, this festival will inevitably allow you to (again) discover the Cream de la Cream of French cinema. As for the shorts, the 2021 selection includes six films and a bonus title, some of which have been nominated for Caesar.

Come and enjoy the latest works of great directors like Jacques Audiard with Paris, 13th; Arnot Desplech with Deception or Celine Siamma with Petit Maman. Among other big stars you can also admire the play of Isabelle Hubbard, Juliette Pinochet, God Marat or Jean Dujardin.

From your couch, you can attend some screenings online as well, while thousands of students can enjoy French cinema by setting up special learning programs in schools.

Slightly complicated table …

Festival events and dates vary from place to place, which can upset more than one person, but for sure! More than 30 participating theaters across Scotland, England and Northern Ireland are accurately listed. FFF website. So, you can find a session that suits you, especially you can book your seats now on this site to not miss the event.

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