Pan-Aquil: His tube has been dry for a week

Pan-Aquil: His tube has been dry for a week

According to Vimala, she made several calls on the CWA hotline but no one contacted her. The organization’s communications manager, who reported the problem, admitted that it had failed somewhere.

Vimala was irritated. He lives on the main road to Pan-Aquila and says he has not had water for a week. His repeated calls to the Central Water Authority (CWA) hotline 170 were in vain. Julian Duro, the organization’s communications manager, promised a solution soon.

On Explik or Ka, Vimala says that the interruption in her water supply is causing her great inconvenience. “I have to fetch water from my sister-in-law and my neighbor. “He says he made several calls to 170.” I called the CWA three or four times, but no one contacted me again, “he laments.

When requested, the CWA communications manager indicated that a team would be sent to Vimala the same afternoon to identify and resolve the issue. According to Julien Dureau, this may be a personal issue and the CWA has not received many complaints from Bon-Acuueil.

Nevertheless, he assures that an inquiry will be held into why Vimala’s complaint was not followed up. Julian Duro admits that there is a breach somewhere.

He pointed out that over the past few weeks, work meetings have been held one after the other at CWA headquarters, chaired by the new General Manager Ruben Maran. During these, he says, the focus is on customer service (“customer service”).

At the same time, meetings are held at the “operations” and “administration” level to try to improve the system for handling public complaints. CWA Hotline 170, he says, is a paid service.

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