Olivier Roosting signs Netflix’s first fashion collaboration with Palmine

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Oliver Roosting Definitely will not stop. A small series was launched with the British Channel Channel 4, A few weeks after the magical Palmine Festival celebrated its tenth anniversary in the creative direction of the house, she returned to sign on Netflix’s first fashion collaboration. When the movie is released on the streaming site They are hard to fall From James Samuel, Production Shawn Carter (Alias ​​JZ) With others Idris Elba | And Jonathan Majors, Creator released a capsule collection specially created to celebrate the film’s release this Tuesday morning. The African-American slave became one of the most famous cowboys in the Wild West.

Courtesy of Farfetch
Courtesy of Farfetch

From childhood until Westerners first celebrated diversity

“I spent most of my childhood visiting the American West,” explains Oliver Roosting. “They focus on the same storylines and the same global news: questions and themes that have been told around the world for thousands of years. This is what makes their power unbelievable (…). It was only when I came of age that I realized that the Westerners of my childhood were often far removed from the reality of the American West. An incredible story, where a third of the cowboys are African-Americans, Most of them recently freed slaves who had gone to the West in the hope of a better life. “

Courtesy of Farfetch
Courtesy of Farfetch

Olivier Roosting first imagined some of the pieces, “they were wonderfully integrated into the general context created by fashion designer Antonette Messam”. But there again, there is no question of stopping. At the request of the team, he imagines a capsule containing ready-made clothes and accessories for men and women. Edges, golfskin, a spirit of the best outdoors but Balmain-specific fashion refinement, joins Rousting here Luxury codes with a sense of adventure. “I think this capsule will be worn by members of the Balmain Army on the streets of Paris. Not Love, Rufus Buck, Stagecoach Mary and Trudeau Smith In the classic places of the American West ”. Will be released on November 3rd and will be available in collection selections Palm Main Stores As well as on Forfetch e-commerce site.

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