Internet: Internet and mass media:

Internet: Internet and mass media:

One of the most important technologies of the future, which will become the main driver of the development of the Russian economy, is the Internet of Things (IoT). About this within the framework of the project Cyber ​​Reality Olek Novikov, head of IoT development at ATP Electronics, told He also predicts that this will happen much faster than many expected.

“The future has already come, we do not notice in our daily chatter, for example, each of us has a smartphone in our pocket, thanks to its computer power, can control a spacecraft,” he warned. Novikov. “If we talk about the possibilities for the development of the Internet of Things in Russia over the next ten years, smart cities with smart houses, smart public transport and, of course, smart cities are immediately imagined.”

One of the consequences of the development of the Internet of Things was the fact that machines could communicate with each other without the participation of the masses, the expert called. Already today, according to Noviko, any space can be provided with any mechanism intelligently – for example, to create large smart homes and warehouses or small devices such as smart electricity meters.

“We live in the 21st century and what seemed wonderful 20 years ago now finds its application in every person’s daily life. We open the door to any bold ideas aimed at making human life easier, ”the expert added.

At the same time, in Russia, according to Noviko, there are practically no restrictions on the use and development of the Internet of Things. Modular approaches enable developers to respond in a timely manner to new challenges, in which large IT systems are developed from separate areas. Novikov called the professional level of domestic specialists the highest.

Previously, the state-owned company “Rostech” held “Roslectronics” Said Tracker plans to release bracelets to track people remotely. The device is based on LoRaWAN Internet of Things technology. The tracker can work for up to 160 hours without recharging. The gadget is equipped with a pulse oximeter, an SOS button and a handheld sensor.

The Internet of Things is the use of smart objects with technologies capable of communicating with each other and performing certain functions without human intervention. An example of using the Internet of Things is a smart home, ie a room with automatic lighting, heating, air conditioning, security, video surveillance systems. Smart home appliances can be integrated into the computer – for example, refrigerators, which can monitor the availability of products and, if necessary, order them online, as well as monitor their own health.

The cyber reality project is dedicated to how high technologies are changing the lives of Russians and humanity in general. He talks about how improvements that seemed amazing a few years ago now provide protection, help in everyday life, save lives, expand the boundaries of people with disabilities and care for the elderly.

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