Underestimated by the business, ANC hopes to reduce the damage

Underestimated by the business, ANC hopes to reduce the damage


Voting day is Monday, November 1, when local elections are held in South Africa. More than 26 million registered citizens are invited to vote to elect their representatives in 257 municipalities. The African National Congress (ANC) hopes to retain a majority of municipalities, except for the worst, which have fallen since 2006 during these local elections due to the mismanagement of some cities and the accumulation of corruption cases.

With our correspondent in Johannesburg, Claire Barclays

These elections A test for the ruling party above all else. The ANC has already suffered a setback, losing the 2016 local elections in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth. Henceforth, the party hopes that it will not fall below the 50% vote mark across the country.

To this end, President Cyril Ramaphosa presented his person, volunteered to use his image in campaign posters and eventually increased the trip. He chose to play the “Me Gulpa” card with recognition Mistakes made by ANC At the local level, according to the Auditor General, the financial management of local executives has generally deteriorated in recent years.

But the ANC’s recession is the main oppositionDemocratic Alliance, Was criticized for its lack of representation. Finally, the fragmentation of the proportional representation system and the political landscape, experts say, will lead to the emergence of more coalition governments, especially in large cities, where it is difficult to achieve an absolute majority.

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