This startup expert in charging Amazon’s interests

American startup Resilient Power has received support from Amazon to fund a charging solution for electric vehicles.

With the transition to the electric car, questions arise about the efficiency of the electric grids. In the United States, Startup Resilient Power is working to address this issue and is increasing its budget. The company wants to revolutionize the use of the electric network by electric car. In fact, studies show that on the other side of the Atlantic, a network with 25% more capacity is needed to convert the entire automobile fleet into electricity.

In addition to distribution, Resilient Power wants to design charging stations that offer storage as well. The Atlanta-based company is developing a technology based on this micro-grid idea. Therefore, it is possible for a unit to have energy production through solar panels, a two-way recharging system and a battery storage device.

Invested by Amazon Son ‘Climate Pledge Fund’

$ 5 million in new funds raised through Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund and GS Futures. With an initial capital of $ 2 billion, the Climate Pledge Fund is an Amazon initiative that supports the development of sustainable technologies and services.

“Electrification of Amazon Delivery Fleet is critical to ensuring that our goals are met.” Said Kara Hurst, Amazon vice president in charge of the company’s sustainability program. “We plan to bring 100,000 electric cars to the road by 2030, which will save millions of tons of CO2 per year. Resilient Power develops products that accelerate the deployment of charging systems wherever we distribute to our customers.

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