Kurt Campbell, Matchmaker between the United States and Australia – Liberation

Kurt Campbell, Matchmaker between the United States and Australia - Liberation


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The diplomat, who oscillated between democratic administrations and the private sector, focused heavily on Asia and led the talks on the US side.

Without him, the Axis deal would never have come to light. Because 64-year-old Kurt Campbell is not only Joe Biden’s “Mr. Asia” – the official coordinator for Indo-Pacific affairs at the National Security Council (NSC). That too, As the Australian press wrote When he was appointed in January, The “Australia’s Best Friend in Washington”. The friendship, nurtured by personal travels and many political, economic and educational ties, earned him the title of Officer of the Order of Australia in 2013, equivalent to the Legion of Honor. Kurt Campbell was one of the first to be contacted when Canberra authorities decided to create a Plan B submarine contract with a naval team. All point to the fact that Barack Obama’s architect for “Asia Ahead” in 2011 strongly encouraged his Australian “friends” to forge a deeper alliance with the United States and the United Kingdom.

“Theory” Tribune in the air

To define its terms, a small group led by Kurt Campbell and one of his representatives, Rush Toshi, required several months of secret talks on the US side. Toshi, who is in charge of China at the NSC, released the most-watched book this summer, which he believes aims to transform Beijing

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