Index – Abroad – Russian troops are concentrated near the Ukrainian border

Index - Abroad - Russian troops are concentrated near the Ukrainian border

New Army troopsNear the Ukrainian border, it is of concern to US and European authorities. Washington Post. As it turned out, the troops did not approach the Ukrainian border for military purposes.

When referring to satellite images, it is written that group movement is observed on a weekly basis. The Carpathian is the real word According to him, the relationship between Moscow and NATO is very tense, and Russia wants to show that the relationship between Kiev and the military-political alliance is strengthening.

In recent days, videos of Russian military trains and convoys carrying large numbers of troops to southern and western Russia, including tanks and missiles, have appeared on social media.

The thing is, this is not practical. This does not seem to be a military exercise. Something is going on

Michael Kaufman, director of the Russia Research Project, said at the Virginia-based CNA Nonprofit Think Tank.

According to the analyst, the generally available satellite images of the forces of the 41st Russian Armed Forces stationed in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk did not return to Siberia after training, but went to the Ukrainian border with other Russian forces.

A similar move was made on the Russian side at the end of last March. By the end of April, the number of people stationed there had risen to 120,000 Russian soldiers No. Not only near the eastern part of Ukraine Crimea And many more units were calculated. The Russian Defense Minister finally ordered the troops to return to their permanent base at the end of April.

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