16 college students to join NBA stars in New York

16 college students to join NBA stars in New York

By integrating in 6 it was their dreame , Jean-Rostand College Basketball Division: One day I am going to the United States, the birthplace of basketball, more precisely in New York, to meet NBA players and share the daily lives of American college students.

The dream of sixteen students in 4 is now coming truee And 3e Of Kuramiyat College.

They fly to New York in a few weeks

In a few weeks, they will travel to New York, where they will spend a week immersed in linguistics, culture, and sports, as explained by two physical education teachers in charge of surgery, Patricia Jackmond and Emily Fory, “The program is as follows. Plan. ”Last year, Govt missed a number of things, including competitions and events that allowed us to fund the trip. Then, the borders were closed and we could not go to the United States. ” Later, the epidemic weakened and the boundaries reopened, allowing the project to re-emerge and take shape.

Couramiauds College students will be treated to New York College, their hosts day, lessons, meals, meet Columbia University athletic students, attend Franco-American meetings at Elmcore Youth Center College and attend two NBA games. In short, they will live the life of a young American basketball player and find themselves integrated into sports studies in the United States. According to them.

“They have chosen to integrate a special area”

“They chose to integrate a special area. They are motivated, they are in a successful position. This project will only be beneficial for their education,” says Emily Fory briefly. In the evening, they will stay in a large house and invest in the tasks of everyday life. To make money and control project costs, they oversee training classes for young basketball players, organize competitions for the little ones, run stands, and want to do a big event every month. It does not cost more than 600 euros per student. ”

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