You will love our pre-arrival calendar

Femme heureuse en perfecto dans les rues de Londres
By Laurent Collin | At 10:23 am on 10/31/2021 | Updated on 10/31/2021 at 10:33

Once, we are going to see before the Advent. Well, why wait until December?

Every day in November, we open the page of our magical virtual calendar. The right way We introduce you to one of our partners and a special offer You can enjoy it by downloading Frogs on London Mobile Processor.

More than a hundred partners are already waiting for you frogsinondon. Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Liquor Dealers, Medical Practitioners, Hairdressers, Pharmacy or Cosmetic Sellers … Save hundreds of pounds!

Sign in now, because the app continues to provide you with plenty of tips and articles from our newspaper.

Do you have a business or business in London?

Let the frogs know you for free and join the movement. With nearly 2000 downloads in a single month, the Frogs processor in London is becoming essential. Everything is done online, here, directly.

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