Through “Palestinian Stories”, Netflix highlights Palestinian cinema

Through "Palestinian Stories", Netflix highlights Palestinian cinema


With planetary conquests like “Bauda”, we know the “Israel of the series”. Now the American streaming company Netflix is ​​also showing us Palestinian cinema. “Palestinian Stories” is now published online. This is a selection of 32 Palestinian films or Palestinian stories. Meeting with Palestinian actor Ghantus Wael in one of the films of this selection “The Crossing”.

From our Special Correspondent in Tel Aviv,

In the short film The CrossingAppearing in the selection of “Palestinian Stories”, Ghantus Wael plays a Palestinian from the State of Israel. What he is in real life.

In “The Crossing” I play a cousin who lives in Israel. Personally, I consider Israeli territory to be part of occupied Palestine. In this picture, I am waiting for my family, who live on the West Bank, to come to this side of the border and look for me. It was so hard to shoot because, in fact, I was the only character I played. ⁇

1948: Leads to the formation of the Hebrew state Nakba, Really “catastrophic”. 700,000 Palestinians are fleeing their land and taking refuge in the West Bank and neighboring countries. The rest were later Israeli Palestinians or Arab Israelis. The Crossing Refers to this story as well.

“The Crossing” may be a short film, but it says a lot. He describes the daily hardships of Palestinians forced to go through Israeli checkpoints to see families and relatives in hospitals. This film is a typical day for Palestinians struggling to move to one side of Palestine or the other. , Says Contus Vale.

Thus the actor is happy Netflix Illustrates Palestinian history. However, he regrets that the American streaming company took so long to get interested in it.

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