Freddie Freeman sees Ron Washington ending in Oakland

Freddie Freeman sees Ron Washington ending in Oakland

While the two are fully focused on gaining top honors in the Atlanta Braves uniform in 2021, that doesn’t stop Freddie Freeman from coming in support of famed third-bat coach Ron Washington to fill the vacancy left in Oakland when Bob Melvin left. To San Diego this week.

According to Freeman, Washington is fully deserving of this new challenge, while at the same time having the opportunity to be at the forefront of the majors again.

The appointment will be an ointment for A’s fans who were shocked to see the departure of the great Bob Melvin to San Diego, who agreed to turn Jayce Tingler into Patrice’s pilot.

Some would say that filling the post in Auckland would be a consolation gift for Washington, who took control of Patrice.

Washington was on high target, but now that the San Diego and St. Louis positions have been filled and no one seems to want to be promoted to the Mets, Auckland is emerging as a logical place for the 69-year-old.

Is it the best time to let A’s go to Melvin for budget reasons and find yourself in this situation, knowing that rumors about going to Las Vegas are stronger than ever? In addition, many good players on the team like to compare their figures with those in the big markets.

A man full of challenges, Washington will undoubtedly be famous in Auckland, he is associated with the team as a coach. He left good memories with those he knew then.

If he wants to return as manager for the Washington Majors, he doesn’t need time, and Melvin could become his lifeline by leaving.

However, he should have known that restructuring was becoming a strong possibility and that the coming seasons would be very difficult due to the stability in Houston, the appearance of the Marines and the rumors that Max Scherzer would be sent to the Angels.

The As had an interesting window in 2021, but despite the presence of Melvin and some of the best players, the team fell short in the extension of the season.

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