Delivery, Influencer and Crypto are the basis of the latest crazy scam on the internet

An excellent scam that integrates the delivery, influencers and the crypto world. Here’s how it turned out

Truffa distribution
Real fraud, cryptocurrencies and influencers based on delivery in the United Kingdom (screenshot)

Do you ever want to order individual meals from different restaurants and have them delivered to your home in a single order? Or should the coffee be hot within 5 minutes? These were some of the promises Crypto Eats, Given a fresh start – as the name implies – allows Pay in cryptocurrencies.

Or at least, that was the initial promise. In fact, it’s a maxi scam, and it’s pulled in the middle Some important influencers With massive marketing activities. There was also an actual news release via GlobeNewsWire and promises real news. Revolution in the field.

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The cryptocurrency fraud is a fake startup dedicated to cryptocurrency delivery.

Truffa distribution
After a major marketing campaign, the startup disappeared with the EATS token money (screenshot).

It all started a few weeks ago. For a whole week, in UK We did nothing but talk Crypto Eats. The new startup dedicated to food delivery with alternative and revolutionary methods should have given users the opportunity to pay directly in cryptocurrencies. There is a huge socially influential marketing campaign, in particular TikTok With short explanatory videos of some of the most popular faces on stage as protagonists. The latter were also worn T-shirts and hats, themed Not sure what’s behind it.

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Sale of Token EATS, Was created specifically for the site and this led to equal profits $ 500,000 First day only. And this is where the scam started. The developer of CryptoEats has actually disappeared, Losing all traces On the Internet and on social networks. The same goes for influencers who had nothing on hand despite the promises made in previous weeks.

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