Back to the Future 3 on TMC: Take a look at this wonderful tribute once again in the West

Back to the Future 3 on TMC: Take a look at this wonderful tribute once again in the West

In 1990, after the success of the first two works, “Back to the Future 3” was born. Opportunity to complete the iconic trilogy of American cinema for Robert Gemekis, but above all a chance to pay a great tribute to “Once Upon a Time in the West”.

Back to the future3 : Last round

In 1985, Robert Gemekis refers to American entertainment cinema. In fact, the director, actors Michael J. With Fox and Christopher Lloyd, To give life Back to the future. Although sometimes mixed income at that time, The film quickly becomes a classic among the classics. At the box office, the work brought more and more $ 381 million in revenueOn a budget of 19 million. Faced with this illusory success, Universal Pictures decides to launch two sets.

Back to the future3
Back to the Future 3 © Universal Pictures

In 1989, Back to the future2 Born and raised over 332 Million dollar revenue. But the filming of the movie is very difficult for Robert Gemekis. In fact, Back to the future2 And 3 Think of it as a single film, And are Shot at the same time. A tough workout for the filmmaker, Forced to return Back to the future3 To load the previous part during the day, and at night. In the end, everything ended well Back to the future3 More than has been reported $ 245 million in revenue, And the trilogy has become the greatest cult!

Tribute to Sergio Lyon

For some who have not seen it yet Back to the future3 In the back of the room, This new Opus brings both heroes to the Wild West days, A dangerous time in the 1880s, when Marty had only five days to find Doc and bring him alive in the present.

Apparently, because the film is set in the days of the Wild West, Robert Gemekis did not hesitate to pay homage to some iconic Westerners. Apparently, Clint Eastwood has been given a number of blinks. Already, Michael Jay Fox has taken on the actor’s nickname while crossing the Wild West. But more subtly, during his fight with Dan, Marty hides a cast iron plate under his poncho for protection. This is a note For a handful of dollars, Clint Eastwood uses the same process.

Once in the West
Once upon a time in the West © Paramount Pictures

But the best blink of an eye About Sergio Leone’s greatness: Once in the West. In fact, Robert Gemekis has chosen the iconic film of the Italian director to mark his arrival at the Mardi Station in the Wild West. The filmmaker modeled his scene on it Once in the West. Thus, the line resumes entering Claudia Cardinal’s flagstone station, The Jemekis are a way to pay homage to the undeniable master of the West:

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