Artificial intelligence soon for employees?

Artificial intelligence soon for employees?

Posted by Sacha Joan October 30, 2021 at 9:20 p.m.

Following the agreement reached between McDonald’s and IBM in this regard Automated order taking development, Company employees will be threatened They lose their jobs. In fact, the fast food company wants customers’ food to be kept without orders No. Speechwriter Man, Within companies and in service Drive.

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Will there be an automatic order on McDonald’s drive-through service soon?

Last June, McDonald’s checked into several of its restaurants in the United States. A brand new order taking system at Drive Service Terminals Thanks for Spying The voice. In order to enhance this experience, the American company a Agreement With the community IBM About picking up Order Automatic In service Drive. ⁇ In my opinion, IBM’s best partner for McDonald’s is its expertise Creating customer service solutions And speech recognition is powered by AI McDonald’s Corporation CEO Christopher Kempczinski said.

This strategic partnership is for a specific purpose. As pointed out TrustMyScience, A fast food company, wants to place customer orders in restaurants and drives Without any human orator. McDonald’s wants to use technology for this Trained Uses artificial intelligence to understand Order Pronounced When customers are behind the wheel of their car. Then one way Stand out from Agreement Very important in this field.

Employee employment is threatened by artificial intelligence

By signing this agreement and creating automated order kiosks at McDonald’s restaurants, we can understand it. The jobs of American corporate employees are threatened. Thus, if this technology is implemented in all McDonald’s restaurants, employees will be affected. Exclusively for food preparation.

With 85% accuracy, Apprentice system should not have seen the light in popular fast food restaurants before One or two years According to Christopher Kempsinsky. This technology requires the customer to take orders on the drive Without any error.

When designing a system with artificial intelligence, you still need to know what its purpose is Change a man. In recent years, AI has become more and more popular among us day by day With Terminals Automatic Is in supermarkets, theaters or banks.

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Source: TrustMyScience

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