The list of documents that Trump wants to keep secret has been released

The list of documents that Trump wants to keep secret has been released
A judicial file released this Saturday, in particular, reveals that the millionaire wants to keep his White House old daily agenda secret, but also the files of several of his collaborators.

The rope is tightened around Donald Trump. The court file, which was released this Saturday, reveals a list of documents related to the attack on the Capitol that the former US president wants to bury. Billionaire has filed a lawsuit to block the release of White House documents related to the January 6 attack on his seat in Congress by a parliamentary committee investigating his role. Trump has demanded the executive’s right to keep certain information confidential.

Hundreds of pages of documents he does not wish to publish include his old daily White House diary, which includes the activities of the president – his meetings, phone calls, trips and activities – John Loster, who is in charge of presidential documents. The National Archives is mentioned in the court file. Newspapers listing phone calls to President and Vice President Mike Pence on the infamous Jan. 6 include data that Trump is trying to hide. To complete New York Times.

The list also includes files from his collaborator Stephen Miller, but also from a number of collaborators, such as his former deputy legal adviser Patrick Philip or one of his last chief executives and former president, Mark Meadows. He asked Sapona to boycott to appear before the Commission of Inquiry.

The list also includes documents related to his former spokeswoman Kaylee McNani, including a handwritten note on January 6 and a draft of the president’s speech for the rally. “Save America” Ahead of the invasion of Congress space and the draft mandate on the integrity of the election, the American newspaper reported.

Note on “A Possible Test”

The draft text, which pays tribute to the Capitol police and two police officers who died as a result of the riots, and related emails, included several dozen pages of this information as “a notebook in a possible investigation. Won against several states.” Exchange of emails with Joe Biden on the November 2020 presidential election or with a state official regarding questions related to the election.

As a reminder, the attack on thousands of Republican presidential supporters aims to thwart the election victory of Democrat Joe Biden, who is scheduled to take office on Jan. 20. The previous day, Donald Trump had delivered a speech in front of a crowd a few hundred meters away, arguing that the election had been stolen from him – unsubstantiated.

Officials selected by the United States last week spoke out to prosecute Steve Bannon, another close ally of Donald Trump who refused to take part in the investigation. The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry has asked witnesses to know what the President knew about it before the attack and what he did when the incident took place.

The move by Donald Trump to keep these documents secret is expected to trigger a strength test in the courts, which could well test the constitutional power of Congress to reconsider the actions of the executive branch of power.

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