The first flight between London and Rotterdam in 2024

Avion hydrogène : un premier vol entre Londres et Rotterdam dès 2024

ZeroAvia, a leader in green aviation, has signed a joint venture agreement with Royal Schiphol Group and Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport Foundation. The agreement will allow the launch of the first zero-emission commercial aircraft between Rotterdam-The Hague Airport and London from 2024.

Currently, the 19-seat device is in development ZeroAvia. The aircraft is equipped with an electric motor powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Developed by an Anglo-California startup, this innovative technology only emits greenhouse gas emissions that promote global warming. It also helps reduce the operating costs of airlines.

Thanks to this partnership, passengers can make an hour-long zero-emission flight between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands in a few years without having to worry about the climatic impact of this flight.“, Says Sergey Kiselev, head of ZeroAvia’s European branch.

To demonstrate that such a project is technically and logically feasible, ZeroAvia and the Royal Schiphol Group will jointly test their integration into hydrogen supply chain refueling operations and airport operations.

National and European Partnership

ZeroAvia recently began creating a law firm in the Netherlands. The latter will allow the company to create business opportunities, as well as form partnerships with airlines and airports at the national and European levels.

These future zero-emission flights between Rotterdam and London are the start of the Green Flight“Rotterdam-The Hague Airport Director Ron Lovers says.”By conducting these experiments in the Netherlands, we are strengthening our position to play a key role in the production of hydrogen as a future fuel.. “

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