She is the woman who heads Colombia’s main U.S. southern command

She is the woman who heads Colombia's main U.S. southern command

Lieutenant General Laura J. Richardson became the first woman in command of the South Florida-based United States Southern Command (Southcom) on Friday, according to Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Snyder. At a ceremony hosted by Austin III.

At the event, Austin stressed that Richardson is not only making “history” in the military organization for cooperating on security issues with the Latin American and Caribbean governments, but also “opening up opportunities for more women in these positions.”

“He was the right person at the right time,” said the Secretary of Defense, who, after leading the company for three years as part of a 38-year military career, was appointed Commander of the Navy, Admiral Craig S. Paid tribute to Fuller. .

Richardson, a four-star general who served in the military for 35 years, was optimistic about the “strong alliances” with Latin America and the Caribbean left by Fowler, who is retiring from military service.

He recalled that “threats in the region have no borders” and are directly linked to US national security.

Secretary-General Austen spoke in a similar vein, saying “we are fighting as friends and neighbors” with his allies against regional threats.

In his new role, Richardson will be responsible for US defense and security cooperation with allied countries such as Colombia – Minister Diego Molano was at the ceremony – as well as US military operations in the region.

She married Lieutenant General Jim Richardson, deputy commander of the Military Future Command in Texas, who was confirmed by the U.S. Senate last August after being nominated by the White House.

Prior to joining Southern Command, Richardson served as Army North Command General at a joint base in San Antonio, Texas.

The Southern Command, one of the Six Combined Commandments in the country, is located in Doral, South Florida.

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