Planeta Neptun superionic

Neptune: An incredible historical discovery of mankind

Planetta Neptune Superionic

The planet Neptune has revealed an incredible discovery by scientists to all mankind, and it made a historic premiere by them, and it is very important. More precisely, for the first time in history, scientists have been able to recreate in a laboratory the superionic ice found on the planet Neptune or Uranus, a feat that has so far been completely impossible for researchers.

The planet Neptune is said to have formed supernatural ice near its center, and scientists discovered it for the first time after their first voyages near the planet. Based on this incredible discovery of superionic ice on the planet Neptune, scientists say they have discovered a new state of water, which they did not think could be confirmed and regenerated until then.

Neptune: An incredible historical discovery of mankind

The planet Neptune has a great deal of pressure near its center, so to recreate the superionic ice, the scientists placed water between two diamonds, which they pressed against each other. To complete the process, they used a laser aimed at diamonds to heat the water and reproduced the position near the nucleus of the planet Neptune, so we are talking about a historical discovery that will benefit mankind in the future. .

“When scientists sent a shock wave through a drop of water, the supersonic ice was only seen for a short moment, but in a new study published in the journal Nature Physics, scientists found a way to reliably support and study ice. This is where I first discovered it – Everyone thought that this phase would not occur until you were under more pressure than that.But we were able to map the properties of this new ice very accurately, which is the new phase of the material, thanks to many powerful tools.

Scientists say that the planet Neptune has a large amount of supersonic ice near its center, and that the way it is formed is not a chemical but a structural change in the water. Its reproduction in a laboratory by scientists is remarkable, but until we reach the planet Neptune and analyze the superionic ice there, unfortunately, everything is on a theoretical level.

The planet Neptune will certainly be the center of other very important discoveries, but it remains to be seen to what extent clear images can be seen from there or samples taken.

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