Little Agnes Nursery hires a French teacher

Fillette école maternelle avec des pots de peinture

The new French-English Creech opened in central London in early July. He now employs a French teacher.

Little Agnes Nursery Developed by the founders of the French Bilingual College London and Lycee International de Landres Winston Churchill. The organization welcomes children and infants from 3 months to 5 years of age throughout the year. Its total capacity is 55 children, about 20 have already been registered. The children’s center is located in the heart of the fast-growing Vauxhall district, in a modern building complex just minutes from the designated underground station, with a large park, playgrounds and a farm nearby!

The philosophy of the pie

The founders of Little Agnes Nursery are passionate about education and believe in the benefits of multilingualism and especially immersion in the bilingual environment.

Its purpose is to create a family and positive atmosphere within the nursery to promote the happiness and development of all.

Training and support for the professional development of teams are important elements for us and we will always be by your side to improve the quality of reception of children and families every day.

Searched profile and job description

A French teacher, native French speaker, with experience in childhood and / or kindergarten.

French Mother Tongue (Excellent spoken and written level)

Minimum two years of professional experience in childhood (less than 5 years): Nursery school, nursery, teaching, day center etc.

Diploma teaching

At the beginning of the life of this nursery you will come and join the director and his assistant as a “French teacher” (nursery qualified teacher).

You will have the opportunity to work with parents and children using the French language exclusively to achieve three main objectives:

– Ensuring the safety of children and parents on a daily basis by performing all essential tasks and care related to the presence of children in the structure, in accordance with the safety and protocols defined by the technical specification.

– To facilitate the connection between home and nursery, give parents the ability to ask for your time in the morning and / or evening.

– Promoting the awareness and development of children by carrying out activities suitable for daily life in accordance with the educational program of the institution.

– Participate in the development of the curriculum.

Practical details of the post offered Little Agnes Nursery

Full-time (or part-time), CDI, at least 30 hours per week

Annual Salary: £ 32,000 and 43,000 (full time) depending on diplomas, certificates and experience.


Competitive salary

Employer’s contribution to the pension system


Career opportunities in childcare

Support for training and employer contribution


Monday to Friday

More time

8 hours of work time

Weekend leisure activities


Regular employee testing

Improved campus hygiene

The application form can be requested by sending CV and cover letter Nursery @

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