Election 2021: Where should I vote? How to consult the voter list by name and surname? | Chronicles

Election 2021: Where should I vote?  How to consult the voter list by name and surname?  |  Chronicles

If you still do not know where to vote, you can find out if you are on the list by consulting the application. National Election Chamber (CNE). You must enter the dice so that you get information about the table and location Vote These are reserved for you Parliamentary election.

For that you only need to enter the document number without commas or periods, which district it belongs to and the verification code that appears on the screen. Data is already available from the firm’s registry Elections 2021 It has been released since June 16th.

If the deadline for making changes and additions to the voter list expires, those who are not included may call [email protected] or call 0800-999-7237.

Documents you can vote for:

  • Registration book / civic book
  • Green Notebook ID
  • Sky blue notebook ID
  • Sky notebook DNI card, which has the myth of “invalid to vote”.
  • New DNI card

A copy of the identity document must be the same or later than that contained in the register. Holders of previous copies or presenters of their “will not be allowed to vote.DNI on your cell phone”.

Can I vote if I am abroad?

Yes, you can vote as long as you are a permanent resident abroad registered in the DNI. The register of voters residing abroad was drawn up by the National Electoral Council With information provided Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship.

Argentines living abroad are not obliged to vote, but if they live in another country without changing their address abroad, they must justify why they did not vote.

How do I vote if I am abroad?

If you change your address abroad in DNI, You can vote in person in the next general election In the diplomatic representation relevant to where you reside, Until you count Registration of voters residing abroad.

You can only vote on the registered or registered table.

Once the query is activated, you can check your polling station Census.

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