Dennis Rodman receives final honors from the legend

Dennis Rodman suffered the worst injuries a man could have ever imagined

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A comedian with a big heart, Dennis Rodman is sensitive to whatever is said about him. That’s good: a legend has earned him a great deal of respect, and we imagine it will warm the hearts of former bulls.

First as a teenager in Detroit, then as a strange figure made of all sorts of excesses and slips, Dennis Rodman marked the history of the NBA and stacked the rings that some players have achieved in history. Nearly 20 years after he retired, no one from D-Rod has taken charge, which is an archaic-weird profile, small for a strong winger, but an incredible rebounder, and completely uninterested in scoring.

Another feature of the former bull, this method is not much known: his sensitivity. Many of his teammates appreciate his kindness, his attention, and believe he actually built a shell in the 1990s. One thing is for sure: Rodman cares about what people say about him.

Alex English’s strongest words for tennis roadman

That’s good because Alex English, one of the highest-scoring in history, has paid tribute to the five-time NBA champion. A guest on a podcast, eight-time All-Star said:

You have to remember that I played in an era where every player on the 1996 50s list played. I was playing Post 3 and every night I had a future Hall of Fame in front of me. For example, I’m talking about Dominic Wilkins, George Kerwin, James Worthy and others.

Tennis Rodman is the best player to have defended me. He wanted to take defensive rebounds, and I was mostly a striker, so there was a style clash. I had to hit him and he had to stop me. Most of the time, on my first step I would run faster than the others and I was a very fluid player. With him? Impossible, he never let me an inch.

The compliment is beautiful to the tennis roadman, especially from such an elite scorer. For the record, between 1979 and 1993 no one scored more points in the NBA than Alex English. This is what diagnoses man.

Dennis Rodman has the respect of his peers and needs to be sure. This report by Alex English further confirms it.

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