Citroën star du film The French Dispatch!

Citroën star du film The French Dispatch!

Wes Anderson’s new film was released this Wednesday French dispatch. Citroen plays a key role here as there are Type H and tractions throughout this unique cinematic adventure.

Citroen in the heart of the latest Wes Anderson!

Wes Anderson (Darjeeling Limited, The Grand Budapest Hotel,) A “special” director with a very colorful, very energetic and very humorous universe. His latest film “French shipment” Takes place in France. So it is very natural to have French vehicles there. With its “50s” style, it makes sense to invent identity cars from this period. Citroன்n took control of this aspect of the film by establishing a partnership in production. This is why we find out Citroen type h And Citroen traction Throughout the film. There are more 2 CV, Ami 6, DS and GS ! Traction is also the star of a whole scene as it is at the center of a very original and colorful chase.

French dispatch Contains a collection of stories from a recent issue of a well-known American magazine published in the fictional French city of the 20th century. The scene takes place in the fictional city of Ennui-sur-Place, which has represented France for the past century.

Currently available in all good theaters.

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