Bill Gates wants to save the climate with nuclear power

Bill Gates wants to save the climate with nuclear power

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    - Sputnik Mundo, 1920


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US President Bill Gates has been promoting a nuclear renaissance in the fight against climate change. He says next-generation nuclear reactors are “relatively safe and less wasteful” and “help avoid climate catastrophe.”

bill Gates The central element of energy conversion from hydrocarbons to renewable sources is that it is very important in the construction of gas-fired power plants. “Natural gas is not a real bridge technology,” the American philanthropist argued shortly before the World Climate Conference in Glasgow.

Moreover, in his opinion, the closure of existing nuclear reactors will make it “very difficult to guarantee supply security.” [de energía] And lower prices. “

“The demand for electricity will increase dramatically because we use it not only to drive our cars but also to heat our homes.” Shared Gates in his opinion for the German media Handelsblatt.

Gates is the founder Breakthrough energy catalystPublic-private partnership aimed at attracting investment in green technologies. In mid-October, A clean energy partnership was announced between the company and the British government “To accelerate the development of the latest environmental technologies needed to achieve zero emissions by 2050,” the report said. The size of the project About 400 million pounds (Over $ 550 million).
Bill Gates, American Millionaire and Philanthropist - Sputnik World, 1920, 24.04.2021

Bill Gates called on world leaders to reduce climate change with three measures

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