A very close friend tells the news about his health

Jane Birkin, victime d'un AVC : un ami très proche donne de ses nouvelles

Offer behind the RTL microphone this Thursday, October 28th at Étienne Tahoe His friend Jane Birkin discusses health with listeners. During this interview with the press, the singer actually presents the most popular UK news in France. The singer unfortunately suffered a stroke last September. Objection So this report that suggests signs of hope is coming back for you.

Jane Birkin: Son Best friend Etienne Tahoe Believes in his position Health

A miracle

An essential face of the French art landscape for many years, Jane Birkin and the real jack-of-all-trades. At the same time, the former comrade of the singer, actress, screenwriter and director, Serge Gainsburg has truly succeeded in winning the hearts of the public, for generations. Many of his songs remain in the collective memory like real little gems. But if luck in her career and family life had often looked at her and smiled, a terrible tragedy would have struck her last September.

In fact, Jane Birkin suffered a stroke, her relatives announced in a press release that day. Information that is sure to arouse the concern of his family and his fans. After recovering for several weeks, he had to cancel his numerous trips he had planned for the Duville American Film Festival. She really needs to deliver the documentary Jane Directed by Charlotte and his daughter Charlotte Gainsburg. However, his health did not allow him to move around and apparently needed a lot of rest. Since September, very little information about Etienne’s return has been filtered out Tahoe Gives his message today. Objection So he invites you to find out what he declares in this matter.

A real fighter

When he visited RTL this Thursday, October 28, 2021, tienne Tahoe It will take time to teach the public about Jane Birkin’s health. An intervention that did not hesitate to pay homage to her by emphasizing the strength of her character and her improbable fighting spirit: “She is OK. She is very confident and has inner strength. He is a very energetic person. She is truly exceptional. ” Before adding : “She’s very active, she’s an active person He Will come. She seals her feet! We hope to be on stage in the beginningYear “.

In fact, Jane Birkin seems to be doing better today, Etienne Tahoe He uses the time live to announce that the two friends will soon be together in public. Two artists who know each other well have already collaborated on many occasions. So this is a new opportunity for them to come side by side for Etienne’s next album release. Tahoe. He has a task at hand, but it is not yet fully completed: “There is already music that comes so much easier than texts. Starts well. Really. I still don’t know what his identity will be and I will do everything to make sure it comes out in 2022.

Two good news

Anyway, this interview with Etienne Tahoe There has to be something to cheer up a lot of music enthusiasts. In fact, these reports initially announce the singer’s best returns, but Jane Birkin and her audience are certainly waiting very patiently. It should be remembered that on Monday, September 6, everyone held their breath to see if Charlotte Gainsburg’s mother could one day return to the stage. Today it’s a pain in the ass, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly.

In short, Jane Birkin is doing well and is now able to resume her activities. She seems to be surrounded by relatives and medical teams. A few weeks ago, Charlotte shared a message from her mother in which the Septuagint wanted to reassure everyone: “I have a message from my mom. I got it before, and I know people care about it. She is fine (…) I asked if I had anything to say to you. She told me ‘you are fine and Nantes University Hospital is in addition. Jane Birkin, who has finally recovered, is expected to return early next year.

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