Warning by powerful solar flares … it will come to Earth on Halloween

Warning by powerful solar flares ... it will come to Earth on Halloween

A great one Sun light One of the strongest storms appeared from the sun on Thursday Weather cycle The current of our star.

Explosion on the mouse side Land, Was the size of X1 and lasted about half an hour, peaking at 15:35 (GMT). Space Weather Center of America And from Solar astronomy laboratory of the Institute of Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Jupiter flare erupted from a solar point AR2887 Currently located in the center and front of the sun Land, Depending on your location.

The coronal mass discharge of the flare, a large burst of charged particles, can be achieved Land Saturday or Sunday, just in time Halloween, Report SpaceWeather.com.

This explosion could have loaded the northern lights a lot Land And interfere with satellite-based communications.

Solar flares are powerful explosions of radiation, the most intense of Class X. Yesterday was classified as the X1.0 flash, which is half as intense as the X2.0 flash. X10 Combustion “Unusually intense“, According to NASA

The sun It is still at the beginning of the new process, which began in December 2019, No. 25. Each cycle lasts about 11 years when the magnetic poles change positions.

The change occurs at the weak point, after which the magnetic field increases until the solar activity rises to the maximum point. However, not all because Equal to the maximum of the sun, It is not yet clear how serious the next period will be.

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