Vogue’s important announcement about LeBron James’ health

Le miracle de LeBron après sa blessure pour sauver un de ses records fous NBA

With the Lakers out of the last two games due to an ankle injury, will LeBron James be able to find the ground during this Friday’s clash against the Cavaliers? Adrian Wozniacki brought news about the king.

Despite the arrival of a superstar like Russell Westbrook and the essential presence of Anthony Davis this summer, his absence has once again proven to be expensive for lockers. Just like the end of last season, LeBron James His right ankle has been missing playing time in recent days. During the fall of one of the Grizzlies players, he watches his teammates from the bench.

A way to hone his skills as a coach in production, with the best gestures on the edge of the field, Similar terms in the virus sequence. But if this temporary reversal does not prevent Angelinos from winning against Spurs on Tuesday, it could be very harmful the next day. The king’s advice and instructions via the touchline did not really prevent defeat against Thunder.

Belief in the form of LeBron James

While there is still no time for panic in LA, a quick comeback from LeBron is certainly welcome. Since the ownership of the Cleveland will be welcomed into its den this Friday, time lends itself right to this. Will his leader and four-time MVP be there to compete against his former team? Adrian Wozniacki provided his information in this case NBA today.

Against the Guards, I was informed that there was hope for the return of LeBron James to the Lakers lineup this Friday. He missed the game against San Antonio and the game against Oklahoma City, but his ankle condition has improved and he is hopeful he can get back into the game. !

Because yes, no mistake, it was Caves who had the best record of both teams (3-2, 2-3 against). The recent Hawks, Nuggets and Clippers winners – all without conceding more than 95 points – will not go down as JB Bickerstaff’s men at the Staples Center as compensation victims. So the challenge for LBJ would be pretty much if he could really maintain his standards!

According to Adrienne Wozniacki, the unavailability of LeBron James should be limited to 2 games. Good news for lockers, but much less motivation for guards!

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