Unplanned film: CSA’s response

Unplanned film: CSA's response

After the airing of the film “Unplanned” on C8 on August 16, 2016 (cf. Unplanned: Money film about abortion came to France), two ministers, Elizabeth Moreno and Marilyn Ciappa, became angry and lodged complaints. Audiovisual Council (CSA) (cf. Unplanned: What to do after referral to CSA?). Inspired by the story of Abby Johnson, director of the American Family Planning Hospital, the film tells the story of how the young woman confronted reality. In the uterus Choose abortion, vision and life changing by desire.

The CSA has released its response. Thinks that “The broadcast of this film is a fictional work that falls under Creative Freedom.

However, the C.S.A. “Alerts the chain”, Considering that the project came under a different category than announced. He felt it “Due to the tense weather” And “Having different scenes can be a nuisance for 12-year-olds”, Film “So the school could not air the first part of the evening during the holidays”.

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