Surprise: Patress appoints Bob Melvin as manager

Surprise: Patress appoints Bob Melvin as manager

Surprise: The Oakland Aces agreed to let Bob Melvin go to San Diego. The manager signed a three-year contract to become Patres’ manager.

The A’s did not get anything in return, and they agreed to make it very easy for him to negotiate in San Diego.

Then why did you let him go? good question.

You should know that the manager made a lot of money ($ 4 million per year), which could upset the Oakland club. It is unclear how much he will earn in San Diego, near Oakland.

He is also said to be unhappy in Auckland. And the fact that the club may move to Vegas soon, is that a plan he doesn’t like? Lack of resources? Is it because of the stadium? Lack of confidence in his club? I do not know.

But if the rumors that sent him to New York with Billy Bean had to go the way of the Big Apple, keep in mind that it didn’t happen. So it was not closed for departure.

We do not know if this is a possibility, but in hindsight it was the best rental for San Diego. The guy is probably the most respected manager in Major League Baseball and his voice can help keep a guy like Fernando Todd Jr. at bay.

Melvin should be happy if he agrees to sign. In San Diego, everyone wins.

He was the most senior manager at his club (2011), now owned by Terry Francona with the Guardians (2013). Next up is Kevin Cash and Craig Counsell (2015).

We’re talking a big blow to the Giants and Dodgers as Patress is now greatly improved.

Patr நியமிs appointed Ruben Nibla as their pitch coach this week (Most appreciated hiring from Cleveland), Now need to find a bench coach. The name of Louis Rojas may be in circulation.

There are two more executive positions to fill in the MLB: New York and … Oakland. Remember that Oliver Marmol, 35, is new Captain Cardinals as a freshman.

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  • His departure from Auckland seems to reveal big problems …
  • One candidate in the race said he was proud to be considered.

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