Police interrogated a man at his home after a Facebook post against the control

Police interrogated a man at his home after a Facebook post against the control

Police, armed with screen shots, went to interrogate a man at his home six months ago to find out if he had protested. The use of restraints after the resignation of a police officer is highly debated.

Is Australia becoming a police country? This October 11th, prisons are beginning to be phased out – under certain conditions – with ever-confusing images emerging from the country on social networks.

Recent example: The most shared video on October 10 of two police officers trying to find out if a person (whose exact location is unknown) took part in a control protest. With a straightforward questioning system from scary anticipation novels.

“Do you agree with posting messages on Facebook?” Does this mean anything to you? ”, A policewoman asks, taking a photocopy of a message that reads,“ Your government does not care about you ”on a photo of a demonstration. The person responded affirmatively, and the guard continued: “The following question arises: Were you there?”

Unbelievably, to see if the “suspect” had attended a demonstration six months ago, he laughed ridiculously when he saw police coming to his door. “Where are you in your life? Are you coming to my doorstep to find out that I attended the protest? Six months ago? Who will not be harmed?” He replied in astonishment.

This is clearly political. […] What are you doing? Who do you serve?

The person points out to him that there were demonstrations of the Black Lives Matters movement a few weeks ago: “Is this illegal, are you going to knock on their door?” “Maybe …” she says dissatisfied. “No, you will not. It’s clearly political. Why are you working for this corrupt government? What are you doing? Who are you serving? Are we the government and the corrupt leaders?”

Quiet from the beginning of the confrontation, the other policeman makes him shudder: “Were you there?”

As surprising as it may seem – terrifying – this incident does not seem to be isolated. At the end of September, the information site True clear politics Three police officers reported a similar incident when they went to a person to conduct a “welfare check”. [welfare check]. At this point, they asked if he intended to demonstrate, if he had participated in demonstrations in the past, or … did he know anyone who intended to demonstrate.

“All my friends who are police officers suffer every day because they use rules they don’t trust.”

Australia has been pursuing a “zero Govt” strategy since the beginning of the health crisis. Strict measures restricting freedom, The most severe – if not the most severe – in the world. But their application is also being discussed within the police. After 16 years of service with the Victoria State Police, Sergeant Crystal Mitchell resigned, explaining why. The interview will explode : “All of my friends who are police officers, the majority – or of course the majority – do not believe and suffer every day because they use the rules that they do not want to apply.”

“The way we maintain order has now completely changed,” laments Krystle Mitchell in this interview, condemning the authorities ’attacks since the outbreak of the epidemic of“ everyday liberties and the right to live freely in a democratic society ”. This led to a gradual breakdown of relations between the police and the community: “I do not know if the organization really knows the extent of the damage to its reputation as a result of how we used it. CHO Guidelines [les autorités sanitaires].

Victoria Police coming soon Reacted For this interview, it was emphasized in a press release that it was not up to her to choose the laws that apply, but her step was enacted to meet a health obligation. “We know this is a very difficult time for all Victorians. Like the community, Victoria Police are eagerly awaiting the easing of restrictions and a return to pre-Govt life,” the statement concluded.

The word “possibility” is really strict: even if the locks begin to be removed, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said there would be some “common sense” restrictions – such as wearing a mask or health pass – by the end of September. The effect is based on the fact that Australians need to learn to “live with the virus”. Ready to receive a police visit during a misdemeanor?

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