One company offers its employees $ 10,000 and two air tickets

One company offers its employees $ 10,000 and two air tickets

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Spanx employees learned the best news during an evening organized to celebrate the company’s rating.

The Spanx staff had a nice surprise.
The Spanx staff had a nice surprise. © RomanR / stock

It’s Christmas before it’s time for Spanx staff! The 500 employees of this American lingerie company received a check for $ 10,000 (8 8,600) and two first-class air tickets to their destination.

$ 1.2 billion worth of company

The reason for this generosity? Spanks CEO Sarah Blakely wanted to reward her team because her company was partially bought by investment firm Blackstone and is worth $ 1.2 billion.

The businessman, who introduced his brand with 5,000 euros in his pocket, has today experienced the meteor rise that will make him one of the youngest millionaires in the world.

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A good communication function

This evangelism for employees is a great communication activity for the company because the video announcing this incredible gift by Sarah Blackley has been viewed over 630,000 times on social networks.

“I said this business would be worth $ 20 million one day, and everyone looked at me and laughed.” Recalls the entrepreneur. “I want every employee to celebrate this moment in their own way and create a memory that will last a lifetime! Appreciate 21 years of magic and more.”

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