Buzz Lightyear Movie: This is not the usual French voice you hear

Buzz Lightyear Movie: This is not the usual French voice you hear

Buz Lightyear Recovery! The legendary character of Toy Story history will be the owner of his own film. Will he be narrated again by the famous Richard Torbois?

“Infinity and beyond!” On June 22, 2022, Buzz Lightyear will return to the big screen with a focus on its adventures. This Pixar-labeled film will tell the story of Space Ranger’s youth, before the events described in Toy Story history.

In fact, before being a toy, Buzz Lightyear was a real astronaut. There is no offense to the cowboy Woody who can’t believe a single word in the first film. Of the 4 films in the franchise, Richard Dorbois provided the voice for the brave ranger, especially known as Harrison Ford’s French voice.

The latter gave a breathtaking performance in Buzz Lightyear, making it hard to imagine a character without his iconic brand. Unfortunately, the actor will not give his voice to save space for this work.

In the original version, it was not voiced by Tim Allen as in Toy Story, but by Chris Evans. So, Disney has decided to hire Alexandre Gillette, who has been the voice of the American actor in 13 films since 2013. This information has been confirmed by the fan. Official page By Richard Darbois on Facebook

“We’ve already shared with you the trailer for Buzz Lightyear, which will be released in theaters in June 2022. Many have been surprised by Richard Dorbois’ participation in this project (we’re the first) original version (Tim Allen VS Chris Evans).

We are sorry to announce that Richard will not be interpreting Buzz’s voice (information confirmed by Richard). Disney loved the voice of Alexandre Gillette, who had already doubled down on Chris Evans, especially in the Marvel films. A choice, if it is completely inconsistent, can deceive more than one “, Said the administrator of the page.

However, we can reassure ourselves by discovering the unparalleled brand of Richard Dorbois as Jeff Goldflm in Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 5 (June 28, 2023) in Jurassic World: The World of (June 8, 2022).

According to Buzz Lightyear, his ship’s departure is scheduled for theaters on June 22, 2022!

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