The police admit wrongdoing at the inquest but deny it

The police admit wrongdoing at the inquest but deny it

Nearly a week after the human remains were found, identified as the remains of Brian Laundry, police in North Point, Florida, admitted to wrongdoing during the investigation. It happened on September 15 that Coffee Pettito’s disappearance had been reported by his parents for two days, but his body had not yet been found (it was discovered on September 19).

On this day, as in previous days, the police were monitoring Brian Laundry’s parents’ house because he had last seen his partner alive, and the couple had returned alone from their weeks long journey. They saw the young man leaving the family two days ago, and on the 15th, when a car came out of the house and someone came out wearing a baseball cap, officers thought they had identified Brian. But it was really his mother …

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