Paris has announced retaliatory measures against London

Paris has announced retaliatory measures against London


The government continues to make threats as London bans the number of licenses that allow French fishermen to enter British waters. “Landing ban”, “Customs restrictions” increased: France announced that the first round of retaliatory measures against London and the Channel Islands would take effect next Tuesday if the British did not change policy here until next week.

The government has decided to ban British seafood from coming to France from November 2. A move to attack British fishermen because 80% of seafood is exported from the UK. France is the first country within the European Union.

In the evening, a joint statement from the French Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the Secretariat for European Affairs clarified the steps: “ Prohibition of landing of British fishing vessels in designated ports “That is, six French ports currently undergoing landing, as well as one” Strengthening controls ாதாரம் British Health, Customs and Shipping.

A second series of activities is being prepared. Energy activities, especially related to the supply of electricity to the Channel Islands .

The post-Brexit agreement between London and Brussels, which ended in extremism at the end of 2020, provides that European fishermen can continue to work if they can prove that they have previously fished in certain British waters. But the French and the English argue over the nature and quantity of the supporting documents to be provided.

Of the more disputed fishing zones (6-12 miles off the British coast and the Channel Islands), London and Jersey have issued a total of 210 permanent licenses, while Paris is still seeking 244. Nearly 50% of the licenses we own are missing 2, Hammer Gabriel Attle. On the British side, Boris Johnson’s government spokesman puts forward a very different statistic: ” 98% of fishing licenses have been issued .

Threats from France are frustrating and disproportionate, and do not match what one expects from a close partner and partner. A British government spokesman said Tuesday night that they were not. “ Not ideal With the post-Brexit agreement and international law. If these threats ” If used, they will be the subject of an appropriate and measured response Warns.

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