Cinema agenda for the week of October 27, 2021

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Cinema agenda for the week of October 27, 2021

Amidst Wes Anderson’s fierce eccentric respect for journalism, the bizarre quest for a monk to find his pig, and dramatic humor with a powerful political point, this last week of October promises to be rich and selective!

Catherine Corsini’s fracture

In this summer’s competition in Cannes, this social comedy highlights the absurd reality of the hospital, without the art, conducted by characters with humanity and precision, parallel to an open-minded class struggle. We fell in love with this fun and powerful movie. Read us Review.

Big de Michael Chernovsky

For his first film, which competed at the Duville American Film Festival, Michael Chernowski is credited with proposing an original project. Questioning the relationship between man and seed, social success and gastronomy, sometimes the most magical purpose of the film is characterized by an attractive performance and careful aesthetics.

French dispatch

We were all waiting for him, and Wes Anderson came back and immersed us in a frankofil fantasy of wonder. Here we follow the detailed cast through the various interesting miniatures revealed by the magazine. ” French dispatch“, It could have been the French equivalent New Yorker. Wes Anderson has signed on for a classic movie that is definitely a must see.

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