Carlos Correa: The point guard needed for the Astros

Carlos Correa: The point guard needed for the Astros

The Houston Astros, you know, are the main team you don’t like. The stolen signal scandal played a major role in this.

Fans do not want to see them win only for the 72-year-old manager. Dusty Baker is currently lucky enough to win his first World Series ring in his managerial career and at his age it is quite impressive.

When you look at the formation and analysis of astros, you know one thing: they are full of attacking abilities. Altuves, Correa, Alvarez and company have been continuing to comment on the successes the team has enjoyed for many years now.

If a guy like Altuve has to give even more to get a chance at top awards, it’s hard to say the same in the case of Carlos Correa.

The latter, through his performance, shows that he is the leader of the team. He is stable and with her A game Every game he plays. Like the other lines in the MLB, the Astros need a guy like him.

When it comes time for the playoffs, Korea is always talked about for its results. It remains the same when he plays a great playoff this year as well. He attacked big homers, made big points and excelled on defense.

The main enthusiast did an interview with Hazel May about the pressure that has been rising since October, in which he can stand up to lead his team.

To hear him speak, he had no pressure in his eyes.

The Astros need to find a way to keep Korea on the team that falls as a free agent at the end of this campaign.

He asks for a lot of money, for good reason. If Houston wants to see him come back to town, he has to get big money out. This is the only reliable solution …

So here is a file to follow in the coming months. Winter will be exciting for Astros fans.

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