United States: Governor’s election in Virginia, a test form ballot for Biden

United States: Governor's election in Virginia, a test form ballot for Biden

This is more than a local election. Virginia is a major U.S. state where the election of a governor is a national test. The poll, scheduled for Nov. 2, was backed by 64-year-old Terry McAuliffe, who served as governor of the Eastern State from 2014 to 2018, backed by Joe Biden and pro-Trump Republican Glenn Young, 54. It was a dress rehearsal about a year before the election of the Interim Legislative Assembly in the United States.

A test for Joe Biden

This election reflects a specific role in the problem at the state and national level since he was elected president. Because a year ago, the tide had changed if Virginia had voted overwhelmingly for the Democratic president in the presidential election. The president’s confidence has gradually plummeted after a tumultuous withdrawal from Afghanistan this summer.

His promises to eradicate the Covid 19 epidemic soon have not been fulfilled, pushing the White House to take preventive measures, which are widening the existing divisions in the country regarding vaccination or other gesture health facilities.

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In addition, Joe Biden has been slow to brand his broader plan to invest in infrastructure and social benefits. So, the vote in Virginia will be a test of the middle class’ ability to seduce, but to mobilize African American voters, slavery has been the subject of heated debate in the past.

Democrats have been able to rely on African-American voices to enter the White House, but activists accuse him of missing out on his major promises of minority suffrage or police reform.

A window for public comment

The Virginia election is considered important because it provides a window into Biden’s first nine months and a general sense of what Congress can expect in next year’s midterm elections. This is the first test for a Democratic president since Donald Trump.

A year before this election to renew all seats in the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate, the stakes are high because Joe Biden has to retain a majority to pass his reforms. “The defeat of McAuliffe on November 2 will cause deep concern among Democrats and cause problems for Biden’s presidency,” the analysis said. Defender.

A microbe of the United States

Virginia, traditionally occupied by Republicans, has leaned in favor of Democrats since the turn of the century. Four of the last five governors with significant influence in local politics are Democrats, and Joe Biden won a landslide victory in the state against Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. It is considered a fair representation state of other countries. The ballot will therefore be closely monitored and analyzed by the two main parties.

Richmond Mayor Lever Stony describes Virginia, which includes cities and suburbs, but most rural districts, as a kind of “microbe of America.” “We are concerned about the current debate in the United States: the impact of the Govt and the virus and the epidemic on our economy, our jobs, our education and our way of life,” he told AFP. Democrat.

So he has no doubt that this ballot truly reflects national concerns: Govt, Govt and Govt … “The situation has been a bit chaotic since last March, and many more are suffering,” the city councilor promises. .

Mobilizing the Democrats

From Barack Obama to Joe Biden via Kamala Harris, U.S. Democrat leaders have made the journey to support Terry McAliffe, who is neck-to-neck with his opponent in the referendum. The progress of the candidate backed by the Democratic president has largely melted against his rival. This parade of Democratic heavyweights says a lot about the role of the referendum.

Joe Biden showed his support Tuesday for urging voters to defeat Republican “extremism” in an election that will serve as a test for the weak president. A few days before the vote, he appeared in Arlington with US President Terry McAuliffe.

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“You had the courage and wisdom to reject the extremism that now dominates the Republican Party across the United States,” Joe Biden told a gathering in Arlington, a suburb of the US capital, Washington. “Today the Republicans are defending nothing but cutting the taxes of the rich and powerful.” A week before the election, Terry McAliffe’s camp is worried about low turnout.



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