Outreach against the plan of the Netflix Movie Mini-Festival

Netflix, le géant du streaming, veut organiser une rétrospective et des avant-premières de certains films.

Posted on October 27, 2021 at 3:53 pmUpdated October 27, 2021, 4:04 p.m.

Riffy in the world of cinema. The Netflix mini-festival project is raising a cry from professional companies as talks about the media deadline for showing movies slip.

Questioned? The US company has contacted theaters to arrange an event with a retrospective and preview of some of the films. According to “Le Film Français” the event is scheduled to take place in December with some theaters on the MK2 network, some theaters on the Utopia network and independent cinemas.

Only here, the phenomenon of organizations wanting to kill it into a bud has not yet been officially announced.

The press releases of the European Cinema Distributors (Tire) and the Syndicate of Independent Distributors (SDI), the filmmakers of the Independent Cinema Association for its distribution (Acid) or the National Federation of Film Publishers are as common as possible. (FNEF), (including Gaumont, Pathé, subsidiaries of American studios).

The National Federation of French Cinemas (FNCF), representing the operators, joined the group of protesters on Wednesday.

“We are not used to pushing”

Fears are more or less shared by all. While theaters and distributors are coming out of the dark ages due to the Govt crisis, Netflix films will compete with films from traditional circuits, although the number of additions has been steadily rising since the introduction of Health Boss. “Such an initiative around Netflix products will cause these films to lose screenings and theaters when they are most needed. The site’s marketing campaign will cover the release of these films,” said FNCF. Adds Ollagnier.

Then, a Netflix festival can sow confusion in the minds of experts in the field at a critical moment when they discuss the chronology of cinema’s media, i.e. after the theater according to their contribution to the sponsorship of the windows of film distribution (Call + on, VOD, etc.). Netflix type operating systems should have a place in this timeline because they have obligations to fund the seventh art. “We are currently in the process of financing sites such as Netflix to finance French production in the traditional ecosystem (SMA order, via editor’s reference) and to improve the media’s chronological order. Mark-Oliver Sebaugh summarizes.

On the Netflix page, we are now trying to calm things down. A temporary operating visa – required to broadcast movies in theaters – is not required. “We were only in the process of reflecting,” said a spokesman for the streaming giant. All options are on the table, but we are not used to rushing. ” How to tell if he will back down?

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