NBA LeBron et Westbrook ont bizuté un rookie

On the bench, LeBron caused a commotion with a huge streak!

Due to injury, LeBron was on the Lakers bench in support of his teammates Tuesday night. The result is a line that made many people laugh, and it could give King ideas for the rest of his life.

Blame it A new ankle injuryLeBron James was not on the ground to face the Spurs on Tuesday night. This is a problem that medical professionals who do not want to take the slightest risk of keeping the star should take seriously. Frank Vogel did exactly that An interesting revelation in this regard, Which will reassure some fans.

However, against Spurs, Angelinos did not need the king to win. Since Russell is at Westbrook level, I have to say that things are much better for ownership in Los Angeles. We had to go overtime, but it was a win for them (See here again)

LeBron becomes coach!

Even if he doesn’t play, LeBron wants to support his teammates. This was seen because he was on the bench during the match. Whether or not Ekron’s ancestry wants to help his family, his impact is felt on the ground. During a series in the second quarter, we were able to see him offer valuable advice.

When he is not playing, the number 6 of the lockers therefore ensures that his team players are qualified to win the game. Malik Monk can see this LeBron in “coach” mode, which will also give him ideas for the future. After all, following his immense career, the main person involved will definitely want to be in the basketball sphere.

Or can he go into the world of cinema after Space Jam 2? Although the creator of the squid game may not be a big fan, it is impossible to see who he is in the middle. The latter attacked the king, Thus creating some confusion in his aggressive view.

After his playing career, LeBron James could still become a coach. Anyway, he walked against Spurs on Tuesday night so it shouldn’t bother Malik Mango or Frank Vogue. Success is at an end.

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