Video. London: Climate protesters clasped their hands on the ground

Video.  London: Climate protesters clasped their hands on the ground

The action is serious but not violent: sticking your hand directly on the asphalt to delay police evacuation. This is the latest finding from an environmental group called Insulate in the UK, which condemns the inaction of the English government on matters of home isolation. The movement has been in operation for more than a month Near the destructive revolt Dozens of actions, such as blocking the London Ring Road or the M25 Highway, are provoking the anger of the most used, motorists in the country.

“Insulated Britain has called on the government to isolate all British homes because this is a great way to reduce our carbon emissions by about 10%,” says Susie Webb, an activist on the siege movement. UK homes are currently the least insulated in Europe and most exposed to drafts. To counter these measures, the British government was very determined.

The protesters will now face up to two years in prison under a court restraining order announced by the government. “My house will be fined an unlimited fine, which could lead to two years in prison for me. ”.

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