The American media publishes one of the top 12 best young men who split Luca and Trey!

Trae Young a une nouvelle fois déclaré qu'il méritait le Rookie de l'Année dans une interview pour USA Today Sports

The true flags of their draft, Luca Tonsic and Trey Young, are logically considered two of the best young men in the league. However, a popular American sports media outlet recently caused a stir by releasing its top 12 NBA copies. In fact, the latter decided to classify a player between the two!

Since they were selected by 2018, it is difficult to separate Luca Tansic And Trey Young. On the one hand, the two were exchanged between their respective teams (Dallas and Atlanta), which provides a unique way to observe their course in parallel. On the other hand, they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Feast for the eyes!

But in the end, which of the two is better? An endless debate within the league, and it rages between fans of the two involved. However, Bleacher Report I decided to answer the question once in cash. To do this, the American media has engaged in an exercise that is not easy: ranking the best young people (under the age of 24, in this case) in the NBA. The result is worth the diversion:

Luca Ranked Best Young Player in the League by Bleacher Report, Trey Young 30

The first thing to note: Hallelujah is just ahead of Young. If the latter has ever been more successful at the joint level, with a conference final last year, the Slovenian is even more astonishing from his debut, breaking an impressive number of records. But whatever debate happens, that is the truth P / R Put Jason Totem in between! Not sure if fans in the state of Georgia will appreciate it

Another thing to say is Zion Williamson Or currently only 50. The floors are terrible, there is a problem inside, however: he spends very little time there and has to go to the hospital regularly. This season is no exception to the rule because he will miss the entire first month of the tournament … Add to that his worrying weight issues, And we can understand why the media is directed towards him.

So it is not surprising to see Ja Morant Before him, Grizzlys’ leader has been in Olympic form since the start of the season (two 40-point games against the Clippers and the Lakers). No. 12 Tennessee has an insanely progressive curve and can continue to climb the rankings. Consider a LaMelo ball, only 70 if admitted, but since its new year it has gone at a very fast pace. If confirmed in 2021-22, it will be much higher in a year.

Whatever order you want to rank these young nails, one thing is for sure: the future of the NBA is in good hands. We can hope that these 12 players will pay homage to their famous elders and continue to impress us!

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