Something strange is happening in the sculptures in this city!

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Posted by Nicholas F. October 25, 2021 at 7:31 p.m.

A sad observation we may feel by reading the last Report Funding City of London. City Hall, realized with ancillary figures Capital Was more than Animal sculptures Indicate how many sculptures Women. The invention is even more painful when counting the reference sculptures People of color.

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Less than 4% of London’s 1,500 statues represent women

Statues Cargoils, Cymbals, lions or many other ancient creatures that inspire power and strength, are set at the four corners. London. At 1,500 Monuments It counts The British capital 8% is an animal representation. This is almost one tenth. The most surprising thing is that it represents only 4% of all the statues in the city Women, According to a study by Art UK. The report of the Association was commissioned by the City Hall in London. More than 20% of London’s identities represent men. On all sculptures and monuments marking Man, 79% are dedicated to men.

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The study reveals inequality in London identities

This extensive study, which has been going on since 2017, made it possible to compare the results with others British cities. However, compared to other cities in the country, London has a higher percentage of sculptures dedicated to women. The sculptures mainly represent kings, princes, warriors, politicians and so on Cultural personalities. Surprisingly, Queen Victoria was the most represented woman in the whole of England. Only 0.2% of statues represent women of color and 0.9 statues Men of color.

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The desire to reconsider the city in a more egalitarian way did not appeal to everyone

Set up by the Commission Mayor of London Responsible for thinking about the future of monuments in the capital. This Full audit To help guide this reflection. Sadiq Khan Announced a 1 million budget to further diversify the city Includes. These observations and actions do not please all citizens and they fear that money will be spent above all else. Separate the statues. Should we remove the statues of some worthy men in the name of diversity and replace them with statues of women? Others explain this Inequality It comes from the memory of the people who played an important role in the statues Company, A few more decades ago, the community left some space for women.

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There are more animal statues than women in London
Credit: Alami

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