NFL: A Quebec federation of major leagues

NFL: A Quebec federation of major leagues

The Kollide consortium, formed by four Quebec companies, was recognized by the NFL on Sunday because it was one of three winners in the “Helmet Challenge” competition at the Gutell Circuit. However, in a real game, the work is still a long way off before a player can see its technology in his head.

The team, which includes Tactix, Kupol, Numalogics and Shapeshift 3D, teamed up with École de technologie supérieure and received a grant of US $ 550,000 (or approximately CAN $ 680,000) at the end of the trial. Carried on his helmet. This amount will allow it to continue to improve its technology for the next year.

“The purpose of next year is to refine our prototype and work on structures,” said Frank Le Navéaux, co-ordinator of the Kollide Project. We submitted a prototype, with the goal of having a commercial solution by the end of next year; It means who performs better and who meets the needs of NFL players.

The federation sees many new challenges ahead of it, including providing a product that is safe for players, but acceptable and acceptable to them. Obviously, this would create the final product worn based on the NFL.

Over the past year, Golit has also sought the advice of two players from the Canadian Football League to refine some aspects of his model. The Quebec team now wants to seek the advice of more and more footballers, some of whom need to constantly improve their helmets, including the NFL.

“This is a demonstration of the events we have done and what we are going to do, it will guide the business strategy,” Le Navéaux added. We will do everything to ensure that this technology ends up in the players ’heads. […] In two years, it will be realistic to see certified, customized helmets, and I imagine they can be found on players ’heads.

From zero to the precursor

When he enters the tournament in 2019, Collide promised that he will be a big challenge. The expertise of each of his four companies is not limited to his equipment in the field of defense of a professional athlete. However, he rose to prominence, beating some other major equipment manufacturers, such as the other two winners of the competition, Xenith (US $ 496,500) and Impressio (US $ 454,000.). Two U.S. companies with the lowest grants.

“It’s a great honor. We ‘re glad you’re trusting us. It’s a sprint.

⁇[Nous sommes] The four smaller Montreal companies have key expertise, but they have the biggest expertise. They promote this entrepreneurial and collaborative attitude that we have in Quebec. We were small, but we were able to zoom in on it.

For other games?

Although the competition is specifically about NFL helmets, the technology used by Collite is useful in many games that allow communication, so helmets like hockey are needed.

“This year we have developed a working system. It is a method of designing a product and testing it in a realistic way. Suitable for the game, suitable for the game, we have all the tools to deal with other problems. ”

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