NASA is testing its mega rocket for the moon: the mission is immediate

NASA is testing its mega rocket for the moon: the mission is immediate

The Artemis project does not stop, but continues in the direction of bringing man back to tread the lunar soil. The next stage is to be tested by a mega rocket carrying astronauts to the moon. “A little step” forward, towards the celestial body that is always challenging, and then, towards the desired red planet.

NASA is testing its mega rocket

The NASA Not a single second is wasted towards the moon, ready to enjoy its gigantic rocket, as planned Will bring man back to the moon. Engineers and those in the US space agency in general test the rocket February 2022. A few weeks separates us from what we can define as the project’s opening ceremony Artemis.

When it comes to space as always, NASA And similarly, the unexpected is in a corner, so it’s good to remember the start It may still slip Between March and April 2022 at an unspecified moment. But in fact we are now exhausted, and the opening ceremony of the new, gigantic rocket that will bring man back to the moon is still in a corner. Space launch system, This is the name of the space “ship”, which was already in 2017, with the launch of the test. Unfortunately, the release was postponed due to unspecified technical issues.

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SLS: 30-story building-sized rocket

The SLS is a rocket with enormous dimensions, comparable to a building in height 30 floors (About 100 meters). Dimensions for holding the renamed men transport capsule Orion And developed by NASA for in-depth space exploration. February work – Artemis I. – There will be a mission to test the proper operation of the rocket, so there are no males or females on board, but a simple control test. The duration of the first Artemis mission is 4/6 weeks, depending on the position of the Moon relative to the Earth at the exact moment of launch.

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NASA is testing its mega rocket
NASA is testing its mega rocket

If everything goes right, we will move in the right direction Artemis II, The first task it is Will provide personnel on board Of SLS. As with the Apollo missions, we will first select a path without landing in orbit around our satellite. Apparently a second mission, which is not yet dated, should take place About 2023, According to rumors and unofficial news leaked from NASA corridors.

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NASA, which recently partnered with SpaceX to build rockets dedicated to the Artemis mission, aims to send man back to the moon by 2024. A lot of work needs to be done to achieve this goal.

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