“Le Mans 66”, Matt Damon’s new movie tonight in France 2

On Tuesday, October 26, 2021, your movie night is new with the first unencrypted broadcast of James Mancold’s “Le Mans 66” movie in France 2. Released in 2019, the film brings together Christian Bale, Matt Damon and John Berndall. Based on a true story, “Le Mans 66” tells of an incredible human and sporting adventure that led American visionary American automotive engineer Carol Shelby (Matt Damon) to team up with talented British racer Ken Miles (Christian Bale). The two had only one goal: in 1966, to build a car for Ford Motor Company capable of confronting Enzo Ferrari’s team on the famous 24-hour Le Mans circuit.


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“Le Mans 66”: Summary

Carol Shelby was an excellent racer, but medical problems forced him to end his life. Soon, manufacturer Ford called for its services. The boss of the company, Henry Ford II, wants to restore the image of the fallen brand. He asks Shelby to build a car capable of beating the winning Ferrari team in all rounds. He accepts and decides to hand the wheel over to his pilot friend Ken Miles.

Awake Matt Damon (Carol Shelby), Christian Bale (Ken Miles), Kaitriona Polf (Molly Miles), John Berndall (Le Icocca), Ray McKinnon (Bill Remington), Josh Lucas (Leo Beep), Jay Field ( Nova Joop (Peter Miles), Tracy Lets (Henry Ford II), Remo Giron (Enzo Ferrari), Jack McMullen (Charlie Agabio), Corato Invernessi (Franco Cosi).


To help you wait, here is the official trailer for “Le Mans 66”

The new movie “Le Mans 66” was discovered this Tuesday evening at 21.05 in France 2.

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