Analysis: Braves vs. Astros

Analysis: Braves vs. Astros

The World Series kicks off at 8pm on Tuesday. Atlanta Braves, we will find the American champions Houston Astros against the national champions.

On paper, the Astros are stronger than the Braves. This is what bookmakers say is their favorite.

But baseball is played on the field. The Braves will also have good elements to compete with the Astros during the series.

So here is the status of the forces.


At Charlie Morton, Ian Anderson and Max Fried, the Braves have three reliable starters who can do the job. They will be rested as they have not played in 82,615 games in relief and senior Morton will bowl in the first game of the series.

Among the Astros, Jose Urgudi, Luis Garcia and Framber Waltz (first-match pitcher) have shown both good and bad skills, especially against the Red Sox. Without Lance McCullough Jr., it shows.

The run average of 5.92 for the Houston starters since the start of the playoffs (3.27 against the Braves) says it all.

Does that mean the Astros will not have good performances from their World Series starters? Not necessarily … but that means it’s hard to predict what they will bring.


On the next generation side, it’s very tight. I had the impression that both had done a good job, and by analyzing everything a bit (Atlanta averaged 3.56 in 43 series innings and Houston averaged 3.42 in 50 innings) we understand that to be true. Only the Dodgers have the best playoff relief average this year.

Because the Astros starters have come a long way in the last few games and the Astros have qualified before the Braves, it’s mine Contract breaker To choose Houston … But look at Braves relievers.

Starting sequence

The Houston Astros has a fiery starting list. Altuve, Brantley, Bregman, Alvarez, Correa, Tucker and Gurriel are simply the incredible top-7. When the American hit champion hits the seventh …

Defensively, they do the job. They are experienced and it makes the unit absolutely robust.

Among the Braves, the pruning was not stung by worms. The outfield is strong and the infield is effective in batting and defense.

The big round of the Astros is much darker than the Braves, of course, but if Freeman, the Alps, the relay and an outfielder decide to attack each other … you have to be careful.

Bench depth

The Braves 2021 playoffs have one pretty depth on the bench. Their OPS of .941 with alternative hitters in batting can be explained by the actions of Joke Peterson, but also by the skill of the bench players.

When George Solar returns as his favorite hitter during the games in Houston, the other three outfielders (Jock Pederson, Adam Dowell and Eddie Rosario) will all take their place on the field. They will not be affected by the DH post, which will not be the case for Astros in the National.


Brian Snitker is tailor-made for Atlanta. He makes good decisions and knows his players well.

Dusty Baker, on the other hand, is a veteran player familiar with the nation and plays a major role in the success of his people. Brought them back to the right path.


Each team has its own motivation to win the World Series. The Braves want to show that the team can win without Ronald Aguna Jr. or Marcel Hosuna on the field, and without Gunner Mike Soroka.

Cubesar Alex Andopoulos joins the team and wants to go all out to thank the head of baseball operations for his efforts to improve the club.

At Astros, on the other hand, we want to show that the signals can win the club without the theft scandal. No one likes the club, it just motivates them.

Who do you think will come up?

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