World Series: Favorites against Astros Braves

World Series: Favorites against Astros Braves

Starting tomorrow, the Houston Astros will receive the arrival of the Atlanta Braves as part of the 2021 World Series.

I don’t know if Houston was happy to see Braves coming in, not the Dodgers, but you might think so. After all, LA had a great season and Dodgers fans hate the Houston club following the scandal.

If we trust the bookmakers, yes, we tell ourselves that Astros should be satisfied.

Why? Regardless of the site discussed, the Astros are a favorite to get their hands on in the Commissioner’s Cup. Also, in an important way.

Frankly, we’re only talking about the baseball status here, not what people want. After all, on the sidelines of the signal theft scandal, the Astros have fewer and fewer supporters.

On the other hand, because of the season they overcame many obstacles, the Braves are like a Cinderella team. This explains their high sympathy rating. This humorous tweet compiles it all.

For my part, I see the downtrodden (Atlanta) winning. Their initial staff will do the job and I hope the attack can do well Challenger Houston pitchers.

I watch a long series and it reaches the limit. The absence of Jordan Alvarez in excellent form during the Games in Atlanta will not help Dusty Baker’s men.

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