The Taliban launched a “work for food” program

The Taliban launched a "work for food" program

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This is the first gesture of the Taliban government during the famine that threatens Afghanistan. The country is still cut off from international aid and suffering from a cash crunch.

New Kabul officials on Sunday announced the establishment of an aid program for the poor. According to the Taliban, the initiative will take the form of a deal: work for food. It employs tens of thousands of men in the country’s major cities – 40,000 men – in Kabul to carry out community service. For example, this includes digging canals and ditches to collect snow or rainwater that is not present in many areas.

In return for these services, the Taliban administration promises to raise 65,000 tons of wheat wages, which will be distributed to the families of these workers by the end of the year.

Children are starving

In a country already affected Poverty, Drought, blackout and an economic system Failure, The humanitarian crisis is set very quickly and is already wreaking havoc. Eight children from the same family died of starvation a few days ago in a poor area in western Kabul, according to the Afghan newspaper.

The end of the year promises to be dramatic as tens of thousands of people lose food and firewood and prepare to go through severe winters in the mountains with temperatures dropping to -25.

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