Review / “The French Dispatch” (2021) de Wes Anderson

Review / "The French Dispatch" (2021) de Wes Anderson

Eagerly awaited French dispatch Competed at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. Director Wes Anderson has created an aesthetic work that includes many portraits with a great actor: Timothy Salamet, Leah Sedox, Bill Murray, Adrian Brody … The film was released in theaters on October 27th. Film critique and commentary on Bulls de Culture.


French dispatch Contains a collection of stories from the latest issue of an American magazine published in 20th century French City.

French dispatch : A picture with paintings

French Dispatch Fisher Stevens, Owen Wilson, Elizabeth Moss, Griffin Dunne, Tilda Swinton Avis Photo by Wes Anderson
Walt Disney Studio France: French Dispatch Fisher Stevens, Owen Wilson, Elizabeth Moss, Griffin Dunn, Tilda Swinton

Director Aquatic life Still Special link with France. This was undeniably felt French dispatch. The man who filmed most of his film in the city of Angulum tells the story of an editorial office based in the fictional village of Ennui-sur-Place, where every editor works in a local news article. Many documents written by crazy journalists who cut the movie into 3 sketches.

So we see French dispatch 3 fairy tales After telling the birth of Engi-sur-Place, we can follow the artist in prison (Benicio, bullWho will try to deceive his prison guard (Leah Sedax) At the same time, the youth revolted in mid-May 68. In another atmosphere, a chef would lead the investigation like a real guard.

As always Wes AndersonAesthetics rose from the current of the new wave that the filmmaker admired. The sets are modern goldsmiths, where every place is like a toy house carefully built into every detail. Editorial building is a kind of scale model in the style already used Grand Budapest Hotel.

Walt Disney Studio France: French Dispatch Fisher Stevens, Owen Wilson, Elizabeth Moss, Griffin Dunn, Tilda Swinton

Emotional remnant

The French Dispatch Timothy Salamet, Laina Gaudry Review Review Movie Photo
© Walt Disney Studio France: The French Dispatch Timothy Solmet, Laina Gaudry

The American director surrounds himself with countless talented actors to impress moviegoers of all ages. The younger one will be happy to rediscover the symbol of the moment, Timothy Solomon, Hitting the sidewalk with Leena Gautri When the best Francis McDormand, Always pierce even in black and white, watching them with envy. Anderson fans can count on the filmmaker’s essential stats Bill Murray, Owen Wilson Where Tilda Swindon.

However, French dispatch There is a picture with paintings of inequality inseparable from this genre. By emphasizing his aesthetic prowess, Wes Anderson creates elegantly without ensuring that the diversity of the shorts is fully harmonized. Above all, the comedy master feeds the viewer with visual details and with a ubiquitous voice-over, occupying all attention, except for the emotions provoked by the news of this magazine. Let’s focus on the first half hour and leave the focus. French dispatch Then comes a series of paintings No longer giving any emotion.

Our opinion?

The talented genius of the film, Wes Anderson Left with French dispatch With the exception of the emotion and the inevitably a strong disappointment, the wait around this film was great.

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