Netflix Office: The series with Steve Carroll became the cult cult of the 2000s

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It’s one of those double fantasies, towards which the audience turns irreversibly. Then SeanfieldNetflix adds another classic of cathodic humor to its list: Office. Broadcast on NBC between 2005 and 2013, the series has not lost its charm today, rising to even the most streamlined shows in the United States by 2020. This is a good reason to find (re) sitcom. Funny Friends, If not for some.

Before I got into American television, Office Created by a British fiction Ricky Kerwais And Stephen Merchant 2001. We follow the daily life of a stationery company in Slow, a suburb of London, under the yoke of an employer we can run. In front of the camera multiplication interventions, the series revolves around the image of the chef played by Ricky Kerwais. The latter thinks he is a great boss and is admired by his staff, but embarrasses the whole open space with his full jokes, often racist, homosexual or misconceptionic. In two seasons, Sitcom has established itself in the television landscape with its distinct form and politically incorrect tone.

Such success will only promote more or less successful remakes. Thus the French version was renamed Office Does not last more than one season. American adaptation, for its part, struggles to find its identity first. In the first few episodes, Michael Scott (Steve Carroll), A bad copy of Ricky Kerwais, an executive at Thunder Mifflin in Scranton. But this cynical and harsh joke does not convince the American people that it does not give charm Office. It takes a change of direction in Season 2, where the regional manager returns with a new look and a new mindset. No more gray hair and intense narcissism, no place to smile and no mercy. Michael Scott now appears to be a clumsy character, but driven by a desire to do even better. His irrelevant comments are the result of ignorance rather than real prejudice; All his actions are driven by the desire to be loved and surrounded. Steve Carroll carries this series on his shoulders.

Strength Office ? Ultimately relying on format closer to reality TV makes it more everyday casual than documentary. The camera and personal interviews mark the uniqueness of the series, and the characters position themselves for our greatest enjoyment. But unlike the British version, the American remake has nine seasons to create characters. This office only has affection for unique individuals such as the psychotic Dwight Shrut, a survivalist or cats like Angela. The features of the protagonists are emphasized for humorous purposes, but over time they are separated from the antiquities. Stuck in front of their computer, they also include a banal character that is familiar to us. Their prefaces, pseudo-philosophical stages, and disproportionate reactions feed many more memes. Despite the changes in the work world and the thousands of distrust of the company, this “workplace humor” has not lost its charm.

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